Food Technology Programme

Our programme is started to give education in 2003-2004. Students  who are succesfully graduated from Food Vocational Secondary School can apply to our programme without any further exam. Our curriculum is compatible with the project of the development of human resources with vocational education (IKMEP) since 2012-2013


Our aims:

1-To raise competent induviduals who have kowledge and skills in Food Science and Technology.

2-To be one leading shool in this field.


Our targets:

1-To give more importance to practical area

2-To improve technical faccilities and infrastructure

3-To  have more  collabaration with industry

4-To raise self reliant individuals with ethical values who can apply  the knowledge and skills, give importance to longlife learning, respect to human and enviroment and are loyal to Atarturk’s princibles  and reforms and preffered by food industry.



To raise competent, self reliant individuals who can follow up scientific and technological developments and give importance to ethical values.


To be one leading and most preffered school in national area.


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